Cocktail Games: the largest selection of card games to be enjoyed with family and friends


Are you looking for an idea to spark your evenings with family and friends? Card games which are easy, quick, fun and that everyone can play? Card games that you can play alone or with 2, 3 or an unlimited amount of other players?

Renowned expert in popular games since more than 10 years, Cocktail Games invites you to peruse over 100 online card game references! In our range you will find games which have become very popular due to their accessibility and originality: Contrario, Hanabi, Mimtoo, Kaleidos, Unanimo, Bluff Party, Rapidcroco, Speech, Devino, Rythme and Boulet

Along with many new releases, unique games developed by our teams! Last year we made 300 000 people happy. Can we tempt you?


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