Games: with Cocktail Games, make your parties go with a bang and create special family memories!

Formed in Versailles in 2003, the small Versailles game start-up, created by Matthieu d’Epenoux, has emerged as a leader in the card game world, thanks to a range of party games.   These are pocket games which are quick to play over a drink to get the party started!   Cocktail Games created a real buzz by winning the “spiel des jahres” as a newcomer in 2013 for the game Hanabi, a team game where the players work together to create a beautiful firework display. 1 million copies have been sold, including 8 000 in China.  2011 was also an exciting year with the release of the now famous political “Casse toi pov’con” game, of which 25 000 copies were sold.

Cocktail Games: a team of board game fanatics in the shaker

Cocktail Games now manages over 100 board games, 300 000 individual sales annually and a constantly increasing turnover. It is also the meeting of the minds of game experts, each with their own speciality (game design, artistic management, editing, graphic design, production and sourcing) along with a significant network of some of the most talented game creators and illustrators in the country.

In the mix!

Matthieu, the main man, always on the lookout for new game concepts.

Gabriel, editor of rules, backs of boxes and prototype selector.

Miguel, exporting the games all over the world.

Mike, in charge of development, communication and production follow up.


Laura, graphic designer.

Creating personalised and customised games

Don’t forget to also visit our pro business space which allows our customers to customise a game as they wish and to create a made-to-measure game.

« Above all we publish games that we enjoy playing; easy, quick , fun, attractively presented and which can be played anywhere. With this in mind we release between 6 and 12 games annually which meet our criteria and we are always convinced that the latest one is the best one we have released so far! »