Bluff Party / Orange

Age: from 12 years
From 4 to 50 players
Author: Christian Lemay
Illustrator: Olivier Fagnère


Challenge accepted??

All your guests receive three absurd challenges to be discreetly realized in front of other people during an evening. Easy? Under what pretext to applaud his(her) neighbor without attracting the suspicions? How make divert the conversation on the Greco-Roman wrestling? 


All your guests will receive three crazy challenges which they have to carry out in front of other people without the latter knowing what they are.

Easy? Why would you applaud your neighbour without attracting suspicion? How would you turn the conversation to Greek-Roman wrestling?

You also have to try and unmask the other players: Uncle Jim mooing, is it normal?  Is it a challenge or is it to make you shout ”Your’re bluffing” unnecessarily?

An ideal game for creating an original, burlesque and unrestrained atmosphere!

Bluff Party is a game under Scorpion Masqué permit and is licensed to Asmodee for Spain, to Rebel for Poland, to Kaissa Games for Greece.

Christian Lemay

Olivier Fagnère