Killer Party

Age: from 14 years
From 8 to 50 players
Authors: Céline Devillers, Emmanuel Viau
Illustrator: Celine Devillers


Be wary of your best friends!

You are off to a family get together, you are organising a weekend away with your friends… And how about adding to the atmosphere by getting these lovely people to kill each other? Each person participating is assigned a mission and a target by the organiser and the organiser gets ready to count the dead … As soon as shooter completes his mission he takes the unfortunate deceased’s mission and target. At the end of the game the most successful serial killer and the last man standing will reap their rewards!


Your best friends are getting married, you are going to a family party, you are organizing a friends weekend…And what if you spiced things up a bit by getting all these partygoers to kill each other?

The organiser gives everyone an assignment and a target amongst the attendees and gets ready to count the dead… As soon as a killer has accomplished his mission, he takes the assignment and the target of the dead person for himself.  At the end of the game, the best serial killer and the last man standing will be rewarded!

Killer Party, is one person to hunt down but all the others who can stab you in the back …

Céline Devillers

Emmanuel Viau

Celine Devillers