• The funniest blackouts! Make up a name for the characters as and when they appear: Chubby? Auntie Babs? Mr Watermelon? Bobblehead? Whatever you like! But when a character reappears, remember his name quickly and be the first to shout it out!
  • Hanabi

    In this collective game, all the players work together to create a beautiful firework display. But every player has to hold his cards back to front: you cannot see your own cards! So you have to give your partners smart advice and remember all the information collected.
  • Ouga Bouga

    Memorize sounds or actions shown on the cards which gradually form a pile and then succeed in reproducing them in the correct order. OUGA BOUGA will stir your most tribal instincts…
  • The french version of the game Sleeping Queen, edited by Gamewright.  
  • plouf party jeu drôle Plouf party jeu ambiance

    Plouf party

    Do(n't) push ! It's summer time! Be the first to push everyone else into the water at the pool party! Bluff and take risks to stay dry because there can only be one left !
  • Portrait robot jeu drôle Portrait robot jeu coopératif
    2 and half minutes to find the guilty party! Work together to recreate the guilty description. Will you manage to arrest 5 culprits in time?
  • Sushi Go

    Be smart and figure out the best combination of cards. Take a majority of maki, collect a set of 3 sashimis, put the wasabi with the right sushi, etc. But make sure to save room for dessert or your opponents will eat you alive!
  • Tropico