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Our games are available in all reputable toy and game stores


[EN] Cet outil vous permet de trouver un revendeur francophone proche de chez vous.
Utilisez le champ de saisie ci-dessous pour indiquer votre adresse ou activez la géolocalisation à l’aide du bouton géolocalisation, indiquez le rayon puis lancez votre recherche.
Les résultats s’affichent directement sur la carte avec un marqueur et en dessous en liste.


In France, Japan, China, Russia or Germany, for children or for adults, everyone will find a game in the Cocktail Games collection to suit them. All games published by Cocktail Games are available at around 400 outlets in France and 20 internationally.

The games that we commercialise are carefully selected from the 500 submissions we receive every year and are tested by our panel of players.

« Our range is made up from easy games (which does not necessarily mean simplistic) whose rules can be understood in less than 5 minutes and which can be played in under 15 minutes ».

Now it’s your turn to play!

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