Games: with Cocktail Games, make your parties go with a bang and create special family memories!

Formed in Versailles in 2003, the small Versailles game start-up, created by Matthieu d’Epenoux, has emerged as a leader in the card game world, thanks to a range of party games.   These are pocket games which are quick to play over a drink to get the party started!   Cocktail Games created a real buzz by winning the “spiel des jahres” as a newcomer in 2013 for the game Hanabi, a team game where the players work together to create a beautiful firework display. 2 million copies have been sold.

Cocktail Games: a team of board game fanatics in the shaker

Cocktail Games now manages over 100 board games, 500 000 individual sales annually and a constantly increasing turnover. It is also the meeting of the minds of game experts. Sold games are selected from among 500 annual proposals and tested with a large audience in toy libraries, media libraries, cafes and game bars. It is important to take the time to develop each game before its release! It is also a significant network of some of the most talented game creators and illustrators in the country.