Frequently Asked Questions !


  • How can I submit my game prototype to you?

    Have you created a unique game which has been tested and perfected? Then you can email us the presentation of your game with “game submission: name of game” as the title, using the form on this page.

    Please submit  a presentation on one or two pages, including the material required and the principle of the game with diagrams and examples to demonstrate how it works (the details of the complete rules are not required). You can also make things easier for us by submitting a video presentation.  We are always willing to look at all proposals closely and will get back to you within a month.  If we are interested, we will ask you to send us a working prototype for us to test.  In the best case scenario  we will decide to publish the game and will offer you a publishing contract.

    What is our philosophy?  Our past, present and future games all have something in common: they can be understood in two minutes and are played in ten minutes, thirty maximum.

    We are looking for :  communication games, fun games, tactical games for children, adults and extra terrestrials…

    We are not looking for : games which closely resemble an existing game, games which can only be played by two players and games which are based solely on luck.

  • I am an illustrator, how could I make illustrations for you games  ?

    Each game has its own atmosphere and illustrations based on its style and its theme. So we appeal to different illustrators almost for each game.
    If you are illustrator, send us a book, portfolio or link to your website by e -mail at info (at) cocktailgames (dot) com .

    We will add your suggestion to our “illustrators big book” in which we seek the graphics of our future games and if one of our games match your style , we will contact you to realize a project together.

  • How can I become a retailer for your games?

    If you would like to sell our range of games in your store please contact Asmodee’s commercial department.  They take care of distribution in France (Asmodee Edition – 01 34 52 19 70)

    The distributors for other Francophone countries are:

    Belguim: Asmodee Benelux / Tel.: +32 (0) 2 725 52 20
    Switzerland: Swiss Games / Tel.: 0041 (0)22 354 00 70
    Canada: Filosofia / Tel.: 450.424.0655 poste 221

  • I have an other question !

    Please, contact us from :  contact form.