Age: from 10 years
From 3 to 8 players
Author: Craig Browne
Illustrator: Stivo


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The meeting of great minds!

How to play? Choose a theme at random and choose 5 pictures which illustrate this theme. Then compare your pictures with those of your teammate. The more your choices are the same, the more points you will score!

Have fun as a family and with friends and find out if you are on the same wavelength. Explosive surprises are guaranteed!

Out of stock


With Compatibility, have fun with your family and friends. Explosive surprises guaranteed for this easy to learn and amusing game!

How to play?

1- Choose a random theme.

2- Choose 5 pictures which illustrate this theme.

3- Compare your pictures to your team mate’s. The more your choices are similar, the more points you score!


If the theme is “Conquest”, would you choose:

The lion who is power incarnated?

The skyscraper to illustrate the conquest of the skies?

The chessboard which symbolises military strategy


Contents :

1 game board
8 packets of 40 “Picture” cards
25 “Theme” cards
8 “Team” cards
8 pawns
1 set of game rules

Craig Browne