Age: from 6 years
From 2 to 5 players
Author: Roberto Fraga
Illustrator: Aurore Damant


Carry out an investigation following clues given by the police ! Who’s the guilty crocodile??

Using a Photo fit picture based on 5 criteria, go out into the middle of 32 crocodile cards on the hunt for a suspect who will finally lead them to the burglar.

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A burglary has been committed and no less than 32 crocodiles are suspected.

The police computer is broadcasting a list of criteria which will allow you to find the ideal culprit as soon as possible… But beware… because you do not only have to follow the direction indicated by the crocodiles’ arms but also take the « They are all lying » signs into account which are being brandished by the 4 hippos…

RapidCroco is one of our most licensed game all over the world. It’s a long and best seller !

Roberto Fraga