Rythme and Boulet

Age: from 10 years
From 4 to 12 players
Author: Gabriel Ecoutin
Illustrator: Stéphane Escapa


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One of us has a ball and chain!!

All the players beat the rhythm to We Will Rock You by tapping their knees and clapping their hands. They create a chain of gestures with their hands : every player required to do so must repeat their gesture before immediately miming one of his opponent’s gestures. The sequence continues until one of the players breaks the rhythm and becomes the ball at the end of the chain!

A game to set the room on fire and to be played until you can play no more!

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Take your hands out of your pockets… Get into the dance and follow the rhythm without letting your guard down!

Rhythm and Ball is a game where you tap your knees and clap your hands along to We Will Rock You. Using this well known rhythm you will have to create a series of signs. Each player concerned must repeat his sign before miming an opponent’s as quickly as possible.
Your assets will be a sense of rhythm, observation and cunning so as not to be the ball at the end of the chain!

Rhythm and Ball is a game certain to create a crazy atmosphere and should be played until exhaustion sets in.

Rhythm and Ball is licensed to Rebel for Poland, to Asmodee for Nederlands, to Huttertrade for Germany, to Asmodee for Spain, to Oliphante for Italy, to Brain Games for Baltic States, and to Kaissa Games for Greece.