• Portrait robot jeu drôle Portrait robot jeu coopératif
    2 and half minutes to find the guilty party! Work together to recreate the guilty description. Will you manage to arrest 5 culprits in time?
  • Profiler

    The number 1 fun team game! Play together as one team to try and find the correct character. There are 6 different ones but which one do the two game phrases match the best? For example, who is really good at Twister and sings in the shower? Probably not the Queen of England but maybe Bambi or Bruce Lee? Discuss between yourselves and come to an agreement to prove that you are the best Profilers team ... Rise to the challenges which are always hilarious but which become more and more intense! Unforgettable debates and crazy head to head duels are guaranteed!
  • Rapidcroco


    Carry out an investigation following clues given by the police ! Who's the guilty crocodile??

    Using a Photo fit picture based on 5 criteria, go out into the middle of 32 crocodile cards on the hunt for a suspect who will finally lead them to the burglar.

  • One of us has a ball and chain!! All the players beat the rhythm to We Will Rock You by tapping their knees and clapping their hands. They create a chain of gestures with their hands : every player required to do so must repeat their gesture before immediately miming one of his opponent's gestures. The sequence continues until one of the players breaks the rhythm and becomes the ball at the end of the chain! A game to set the room on fire and to be played until you can play no more!
  • Selfie safari jeu drôle Selfie safari jeu drôle
    Take selfies while imitating animals! Then one of the players has to associate each selfie with a card!
  • A completely crazy game where you have to find the English expressions from their French translations...
  • Sonodingo

    Simple, traditional games such as poker, rummy or battleships provide a fun approach to phonology. Have fun and learn phonetics at the same time!